World Pinball Championships

Adam Becker and the scene for IFPA15. Photo credit Adam Becker.

Adam Becker and the scene for IFPA15. Photo credit Adam Becker.

Pinball.  Just the mention of the world conjures up images of flashing lights, the sounds of clanging bells, dinging alarms and the flapping of flippers.  For most of us, it's a casual game, played on occasion at a pizza parlor or a dusty bar room.  Some of us really connected to it and have a passion for it and play it when they get the chance. 
And then you have the folks we are talking to today:  they live for it.

On this episode of RoShamBo we go full tilt into the world of competitive pinball with the IFPA World Pinball Championships!

First we start with what is for all intents and purposes the first family of Pinball: the Sharpe's.  We talk to Josh and Zach Sharpe and learn about how their father, Roger Sharpe, saved the (pinball) world , the origins of the International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) and some of the ins and out of competitive play.

Then we'll meet the greatest American - at least in a pinball sense.  Raymond Davidson - 2017 World Pinball Champion.

From there we head to Canada to meet Adam Becker, a man who's passion for pinball brought the World Championships to the Great White North. You can currently follow Adam’s Twitch stream  where he is doing a daily stream series  of a different game each day leading up to IFPA World Champs.   

Speaking of the IFPA World Champs, IFPA 15 they are is taking place June 1-3, 2018 at Press Start Arcade in Keswick, Ontario, Canada. You can find out all about IFPA 15 here  and/or by checking the hashtag #ifpapinball on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

And last but definitely not least we'll meet Escher Lefkoff and Escher's Dad (aka Adam) who are a charming father and son team who both live the competitive pinball life.  

So check it out and thanks for listening!

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