World’s Best Laugh Competition!

RoShamBo is hosting our first competition! The World’s Best Laugh Competition!

The goal at RoShamBo is to ferret out the best in Unique Competitions, Extraordinary Event and Amazing Adventures around the world. I mean, it’s says so right in our tagline. In our quest for these competitions, we realized that there was a very important and obvious one missing; The Best Laugh! We all know someone with a fantastic laugh. You might even be that person. So why not celebrate this special gift!

So here we are. All YOU have to do is call our LaughLine (yes! we have a LaughLine!), leave your name, phone number, email and give us your best laugh! How you do that…well, you figure that part out. We’ll figure out the rest.

The RoShamBo LaughLine: 470 705 0372.

Remember, leave your name, phone number, email, and then… LAUGH!!

June 1st is the last day to enter and we’ll announce the winner on June 11th.

Winner will receive a Cadillac Jones record, some swag and a mystery prize!

Come on, Laugh with us!

By participating, you grant RoShamBo permission to use the recording of your laugh and to store and contact you with the information you provide."