Barstool Ski Races


Like all good things on RoShamBo, the Barstool Ski Races started at a bar, obviously. Legend has it that it all began at a watering hole that catered to both skiers and locals. The skiers were suggesting the locals need to get out and enjoy the slopes, while the locals maintained they would if they could stay on their barstools. And a race was born.

Today, the barstool races are the main attraction at Cabin Fever Days held every February in Martin City, Montana, right on the edge of Glacier National Park. 

As one would imagine, the race consists of riding down a ski slope with a barstool attached to a set of skis. That in itself sounds like a hoot. According to Monte Pruett, Owner of the South Fork Saloon: “The Non-Steerable class is where the rodeo breaks out, lots of them end up crashing into hay bales, but every once in awhile you get one that goes straight and they end up winning.” (excerpt from Powder Magazine

There is also a steerable class, which are a bit more elaborate and manageable and then the show class - which is pretty much anything goes. Of course costumes are highly encouraged!

Kim talked to current champion Jeff Peterson who gave us the backgrounds and some wild stories about the event. This sounds like an awesome event! Let’s go!

Jeff Peterson

Jeff Peterson

Ted Ladue