European Rock Paper Scissors Championship

Superman throws steel with scissors (Cover photo and above: Alan Schaller for   Read more about the event

Superman throws steel with scissors (Cover photo and above: Alan Schaller for

Read more about the event

Welcome to the first ever episode of RoShamBo!  This being our inaugural episode and all, it seems appropriate that we kick it off with the event that gave us our name: Rock Paper Scissors. Rock Paper Scissors is a game that pretty much everyone on the face of the planet has played.  Whether it is to settle a bet, to make a decision or just for fun, we all have played it at one point or another. But did you know that it is also a competitive sport? And that Darth Vader plays it? It’s all true.

That’s why on this episode of RoShamBo we’ll crush, cover and cut the world of competitive Rock Paper Scissors.

The game of Rock Paper Scissors has an incredibly long and interesting history.  The first recorded mention of it dates back to the Chinese Han dynasty around 206 BC. We’ll kick off the episode with a bit more history about the game when we talk to Wyatt Baldwin, the President of the World Rock Paper Scissors Association.

Next, we travel aurally across the pond to London, England to talk to Sally Raynes, the organizer of the European Rock Paper Scissors Championship.  Sally tells us the history of the event, explains the rules, the prizes and gives us a feel for the atmosphere at the event (spoiler alert: it’s a pub!) and the characters that make it so fun.

Speaking of characters, costumes are encouraged at the event and our first competitor, Ed, has been competing as Darth Vader since the event’s inception.  We forced Ed to give us some tips on how to win.   

From Ed, we move on to his mate, Paul who did a super job this year, and in fact, walked away with as the 2017 UK Rock Paper Scissors Champion!  It wasn’t an easy win, though, and it’s quite an engaging and entertaining tale that you won’t want to miss.

There you have it!  Our first episode. Hopefully when you’re done listening you just might want to find a Rock Paper Scissors event in your town.  Or at least use it to figure out who’s getting shotgun.

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The preliminary results are in from our non-scientific survey of most popular first throws.  Surprising no one, they are very close.

Rock - 16

Paper - 15

Scissors - 15

Now you know!

Ted Ladue