Pig-N-Ford Race

Model T. photo:  Ron

Model T. photo: Ron

Want to take your drove for a drive?  

A drove, obviously, is a litter of piglets.  As far as the drive part, well there is a “Pig-N-Ford” race at  the Tillamook County Fair that, you guessed it, combines pigs and Fords.   You’ve probably never seen anything like it.

The premise is so simple and obvious you’re going to kick yourself for not thinking of it: racing an antique, bare bones Ford Model T around a dirt track while holding a pig.

Here’s how it all goes down. First you run over to a holding pen and grab a pig.  Then you run back to your Model T, crank it up with your one free hand - because you, of course, still have a palm full of pork.  You and your co-piglet do one lap, after which you shut off the car, replace the pig in the pen and grab a different pig and do it all over again.  You do this for a total of three laps.

The winner, as they say, brings home the bacon.  

According to legend the races began in the 1920s. The story goes that a man was driving along in his Model T when he spotted a pig running loose.  He recognized it as his neighbor’s, so he chased the little rascal, wrangled it and, being neighborly, returned it unharmed.

As these things go, of course a competition arouse around it.   And the competition is lively! Generations of families have competed and it is a source of pride in the community.  Good “clean” fun? Maybe not where the pigs are concerned but it does sounds like a great time!

The Pig-N-Ford races go down every year at the Tillamook County Fair held every August in the city of Tillamook in Tillamook County, Oregon, United States.  Load up your family and your drove of piglets

Piglets! Photo:  Neil Turner

Piglets! Photo: Neil Turner

photo credits:
Cover: Daniele Pieroni

Piglets: Neil Turner

Model T: Ron

Ted Ladue