The movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story is a comedy classic. There are a couple things that are very RoShamBo-ey. First there’s the magazine that Gordon reads: Obscure Sports Quarterly. Sounds right up our alley! And then of course there’s The Ocho - a fictional ESPN channel that covers the off-the-wall sports. How can we not love The Ocho?

For the past three years ESPN has brought the Ocho to life by turning ESPN2 into ESPN8 for a day. This publicity stunt has been pretty damn popular and this year they’re doing it again!

So, to celebrate it’s return we talked to Michelle McDonnell, the programming manager who has overseen this project since it began. We asked her about the history of The Ocho, the sports that they broadcast and get a peek under the covers. As Pepper might say, “Usually you have to pay more for that, Cotton”.

Enjoy! For more info and a full list of programming available here:

Ted Ladue